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T-Shirt Yarn Ivory

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  • Skład: 90% Bawełna & 10% Poliester
  • Waga przędzy: ok. 250-400g
  • Szydełko
  • Rozmiar: 8mm - 12mm
  • Długość przędzy: ok. 55m
  • Igła Dziewiarska
  • Rozmiar: 8mm - 15mm
  • Próbnik: 7 wierszów / 7 szwów = 10 X 10cm
  • Kolor: Szary
<b style="font-weight: bold; color:black;">Tshirt Yarn</b> which is made from textile selvedges and remnants from the textile industry is ideal for various <b style="font-weight: bold; color:black;">crochet, knitting</b> and weaving projects. Each bobbin weighs between <b style="font-weight: bold; color:black;">700-900g</b>, but the exact weight depends on the type of textile material. With this 100% recycled bulky yarn it is very easy and fast to create projects like a knit pouf, basket, rug and bag.<br><br><b style="font-weight: bold; color:black;">Please Note:</b> Each color and each print design is limited, as it is produced entirely from recycling of production surplusses. We recommend you to order the colors you need imediately because it can sell out quickly. We do our best to display our colors as accurately as possible, but keep in mind that the color you see on the screen may differ slightly from the color you get.<br><br>With the motto <b style="font-weight: bold; color:black;">“give waste a second life”</b>, we ensure the reuse of waste textile materials. By purchasing this yarn, you can contribute to our nature and protect the world's resources. Because 1 kg of recycled yarn saves <b style="font-weight: bold; color:black;">10.800 liters of water and 1,3m² land.</b><br><hr><h4><b><p>Care Instructions</p></b></h4><img src="https://loopncraft.com/image/catalog/cleaner/Artboard-13.svg" style="width: 3%;" id="care-instructions"><img src="https://loopncraft.com/image/catalog/cleaner/Artboard-2.svg" style="width: 3%;" id="care-instructions"><img src="https://loopncraft.com/image/catalog/cleaner/Artboard-3.svg" style="width: 3%;" id="care-instructions"><img src="https://loopncraft.com/image/catalog/cleaner/Artboard-4.svg" style="width: 3%;" id="care-instructions"><img src="https://loopncraft.com/image/catalog/cleaner/Artboard-9.svg" style="width: 3%;" id="care-instructions"><img src="https://loopncraft.com/image/catalog/cleaner/Artboard-6.svg" style="width: 3%;" id="care-instructions"><img src="https://loopncraft.com/image/catalog/cleaner/Artboard-10.svg" style="width: 3%;" id="care-instructions">